We offer a huge variety of 
fruit smoothies all made to order!

Most people don't eat their five fruits and vegetables a day or drink their eight cups of water. Smoothies simultaneously deliver one of each, which is far more convenient! Our blends pack a big nutritional punch. Try one today!
Power Shake with a pep!  This is the ultimate meal replacement blended with the most cutting edge, herbal-energizing supplements available.
332 calories 
2-6 fat / 54 carbs / 6g fiber / 20g protein 

Sizes:  Regular - $3.95      Large - $4.95 

Muscle Builder 
This is a high-calorie, high-nutrient shake LOADED with muscle-fueling carbs and whey protein.  The MB is formulated specifically to feed exhausted muscle tissue and pack on quality lean body mass. 
483 calories
5-9g fate / 75g carbs / 8g fiber / 30g protein 

Sizes:   Regular - $4.50      Large - $5.50 

Fat Burner 
Formulated exclusively to burn fat!  Low calorie, high-nutrient blend teamed with the most effective fat burning "fat stack" ever. 
332 calories 
2-6g fat / 54g carbs / 6g fiber / 20g protein 

Sizes:  Regular - $3.50     Large - $4.75 

Fruit Smoothies 
Freshly frozen fruit blended to perfection with all-natural fruit juice and a touch of fat-free yogurt.
264 calories 
0-5g fat / 4g carbs / 5g fiber / 4g protein 

Sizes:  Regular - $2.95     Large - $4.50 

Pure Protein 
70 whopping grams of ion exchange whey protein.  This is a high-protein, low-carb presciption.  At 47% carb calories, it is the ideal ratio for a low-carb meal replacement and the most protein ever seen in a smoothie. 
328 calories 
2-5g fat / 383 carbs / 3g fiber / 35g protein 

Sizes:  Regular - $3.75     Large - $4.95

Power Shake 
The ultimate meal replacement or pre/post workout drink!  Loaded with vitamins and minerals. 
332 calories 
2-6g fat / 54g carbs / 6g fiber / 20 g protein 

Sizes:  Regular - $3.50     Large - $4.75

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Member favorites include: 

Chocolate - Peanut Butter 
Strawberry Banana
Strawberry - Raspberry 
Pina Colada
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